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Our Mission

To provide sustainable employment and transitional job opportunities for every person experiencing barriers to work in Canada

About us

Work With Us Foundation is a non-profit, charity that provides sustainable employment and transitional work opportunities for Canada's marginalized.

As a diversity supplier, Work With Us Foundation operates as your single point of contact for recruiting and hiring diverse untapped talent. 

We source, screen, interview, and assess candidates for work readiness and skill level. Even more, as the employer on record, we assume all liability, allowing our clients to assume inclusive hiring practices without any risk. 

Work With Us

Our Story


street to home, changing lives, building futures


TPD Resources Inc.

Work With Us Foundation was founded by Street to Home and TPD in an effort to address the ongoing issue of homelessness in Vancouver by providing meaningful work for Canada's marginalized populations. 



Article furniture (opens a new window)

One of the first partnerships launched was between Work With Us and Article. Work With Us successfully hired general labourers, assemblers, administrative assistants, receptionists and data entry specialists for the quickly growing online furniture company.

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